Dog-sitting Services in Edmonton and the surrounding area.

I adore both cats and dogs and am happy to mind either under the right circumstances.

I have experience minding and walking dogs. At this point in my life, I prefer to walk a small breed or an older dog, to avoid pulling on the lead. If your dog is very well-behaved on the lead, then I would gladly mind and walk a dog like that. I tend to shy away from dogs who get aggressive around other dogs unless they are just small and yappy and easily controlled.

If you have a dog that I just have to let out in the backyard, then I apply a reasonable base rate. If you want your dog to have one or two walks a day, or a visit to a park, then I charge accordingly.

The same caring services are offered for dogs: I talk to them, brush them, pet them, and follow instructions around feeding them and administering medications. I know they are angelic beings and I try to communicate with them on a psychic level, through visualization and simple thoughts and language. I revel in the love they exude!

Watching many episodes of Cesar Millan and his show ‘The Dog Whisperer’ has taught me a lot about dog (and human) psychology and behaviour, and I try to apply it to all the dogs that are in my care.

I am bonded and have references, such as: “… Janice stayed in my house for two weeks … she took excellent care of my dog, garden, and house. Upon my return I found the dog was calm and happy, the house was neat and tidy and the garden was thriving. … My dog is always happy to see her!” S.R.