Cat Sitter in TorontoRates are for live-in pet care and house-sitting only. The service of checking in on your pet and house and leaving is not offered.

  • Pet Care – Administering Medicine and Special Diets
  • Reliable, regular feeding schedules maintained
  • Experienced care for very old or young pets
  • Ability to win even shy pets over
  • Plant care
  • Security is maintained by someone with a perfectly clean criminal record, who is bonded and has a lot of common sense!
  • Mail, flyers, newspapers, and deliveries collected

For cat sitting, rates are usually $25.00 a day unless there are unusual circumstances.

For dog sitting, rates are up to $50.00 a day if two walks are required. If it is an older dog that can just be let out into a backyard and no dog walking is required, then the $25.00 a day rate applies. Dogs are usually higher maintenance overall and require more work to look after them than cats therefore a higher rate can apply.